Have Mercy, Y’all, It’s a Fascia Blaster

On a recent Instagram story, I posted a picture of my medicine cabinet. In the lower right hand corner, there was an unidentifiable white object. We got more than 100 messages inquiring if I accidentally just posted a picture of a vibrator. Um. . .no. That is a Fascia Blaster. I mean, if your vibrator has claws on it, you are a brave woman.

What is a Fascia?

Fascia is a shealth of connective tissue that encases bone, muscle, and joints. It is primarily made of collagen.  Fascia not only provides stability, but also attaches, and separates muscles from internal organs. Depending on which definition you choose to follow, you have 2-3 layers of fascia.

  1. Superficial fascia: located in the skin. More flexible to allow for deposition of fat tissue as we gain weight.
  2. Visceral fascia: holds organs in the abdomen in place. Tone is balanced to allow for organs to function while staying in place.
  3. Deep fascia: dense, fibrous connective tissue that wraps individual muscles.

Compared to muscle, fascia is tougher to stretch and move because the function is to hold organs and structures in tact.

But, when fascia is too tight. . .

Pain may result, especially chronic back pain. Muscles and joints may become stiff, and, according to some, may increase the appearance of cellulite. There is the added issue that fascia is difficult to stretch. Yin yoga and myofascial release massage focus on the stretching and releasing fascia tissue, but it is a slow, often painful process.

So what is the Fascia Blaster?

The Fascia Blaster is an FDA approved Class I medical device, considered to be low risk for human use.

It claims to:

  1. Lessen the look of cellulite
  2. Reduce pain
  3. Accelerate muscle recovery
  4. Improve blood flow
  5. Increase flexibility

I have three different versions of the fascia blaster: The Original, a plastic tube with four claws attached. The Mini2, a shorter version with two claws and two pointed ends. And, the Nugget, a small version to get to those tough-to-reach spots. There is also a Face Blaster version that I don’t have and haven’t tried.

How do you use it?

The original and the mini versions can be used on the arms, legs, stomach, buttocks, and back. and really over the whole body.  The Nugget is used for pin pointing stubborn areas, and I most commonly use it on my feet.

To use the original and mini Fascia Blaster, you first apply oil, otherwise you can’t get the slide. And that is painful. No to that.  Then quickly rub the Fascia Blaster in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions atop the desired area.  Do not use in a circular motion. Rub briskly for 1-5 minutes, as tolerated, until you get reddening in the area. The redness is a sign of fresh blood in the area. Do not rub any area for more than 10 minutes. You can use gentle surface pressure to start, and eventually, as tolerated, you can press to the deeper layers of fascia.

To use The Nugget, we use the Stab and Wiggle technique.  I wear a lot of high heels, and I was a ballet dancer, my toes cramp and pull in weird ways.  The Nugget’s pointed ends can be “stabbed” in between the toes and then “wiggled” to release deep muscle tension. I also use this device on my hands to release cramped bits of my thumb from typing all day many days.

What should I look out for?

Be aware that bruising is a known and expected side effect in a lot of people, especially when you first start. Rotate areas is bruising occurs and do not press too hard.

Do not use the Fascia Blaster on top of varicose veins, is you are on blood thinning medicines, have a history of blood clots (DVTs). Do not use the Fascia Blaster while pregnant. Some women ignore this advice. It is imperative to not use it atop a pregnant belly.

But does it work?

I absolutely love the Fascia Blaster. Of course, individual results may vary, but I consistently hear from people that they too love the results of this device. While cellulite was never a huge deal for me, muscle tension, muscle recoil following stretching, and muscle fatigue were. I typically use the blaster after yoga to help loosen muscles that seem hopelessly tight no matter how much I stretch. Love this product for the “American Flags” on the backs of the arms too. There is a visible difference in my triceps and the fatty area under the arm pit.  As a woman who has always been a bit self conscious about her upper arms, this product is a confidence boost.

Have you used the Fascia Blaster? Love it, or Hate it? Comment below with your experience!

Ready to try it? Grab you Original, Mini2, Nugget, Face Blaster, or Quick Start Kit here today.

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Because caffeine in coffee also thought to lessen the appearance of cellulite, I love to take a warm bath before using the Fascia Blaster and prep my skin with a Coffee Body Scrub.