In the past few weeks I have had many people tell me that they were jealous or envious of me. Jealous that I got to move to London. Envious for the opportunity ahead. Wishing they could be in my shoes.

The fact of it is: we all sometimes want what we can’t have.

Still, I look at the pictures of your beautiful children and of the husbands and wives and partners who soldier through life together and I too stop myself from jealousy.

As I am now 32, almost 33, most of my decisions aren’t centered around everything my parents told me to do—get married, follow the norm, don’t move away from Alabama, have babies–I haven’t achieved any of it. So when I look around and see what is supposed to make me happy, what I have been conditioned to think would make me happy, my heart aches. Why can I not be there? Why am I not good enough? Why can I not be her? Jealousy sets in.

Do not be jealous; do not envy.

So, dear friends, do not be jealous, do not envy, this just happens to be my twisted, winding path. Albeit, a path that has lead me to travel the world. To live in 6 cities in my life (not near as many as others, but each of them meaningful to me). Even most recently, an international city, which I never expected.

I love my path and I choose to love yours too.

Let us rejoice together in our unique journeys and never look to another for what we should or should not be. Let us unite together in love and joy and support each other without fail, whether we are content with where we are or not. We all have a broken road to be grateful for. The more gratitude we exude the further our hearts will take us. I am grateful for you.

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