For people with allergies, cleaning house can cause wheezing, skin irritation, itchy eyes, and other discomforts. So many products contain ingredients to which many people are sensitive. Fortunately, harsh chemicals are not necessary to get your home clean. There are many natural products that do the job as well as – or even better than – their chemical-laden counterparts. Here are just a few of my favorite solutions for cleaning without bringing toxic garbage into my home.

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E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set

Even though is mild and plant-based, some people with very severe allergies may be irritated by the aroma. For those people, I recommend the E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set. These cloths remove 99% of bacteria including E. coli and Listeria from surfaces using only water. The cleaning power comes from 1.6 million microscopic polyester and nylon fibers per square inch. These fibers attract moisture and oil and lift and trap grease, dirt, grime and bacteria with nothing more than water.

There are specialty cloths for many different surfaces: a kitchen cloth with a scrubbing pocket, cloths for glass and polishing, bathrooms, windows, dusting, stainless steel, and ranges and stovetops. Because they reduce the need for paper towels and are guaranteed for over 300 machine washings, they are also good for the environment.

Air Purifier

When we clean, we risk kicking up dust, pollen, animal dander, dust mites, and mold into the air. Equipped with a sealed HEPA filter, the Dyson Pure Hot & Cold captures 99.97% of ultra fine allergens and pollutants. It is certified to capture particles as small as 0.1 micrometers. Plus it cools in the summer, heats in the winter, and the air multiplier projects clean air throughout the home.

If you don’t want cold air projected, it also has a diffused mode that diverts cold air backwards so you don’t feel the chill. This device is smart: it senses and detects airborne allergens, particles, and gases and the Dyson Link app reports air quality in real time. You can also control it with voice and via remote. Compared to other air purifiers, the Dyson is one of the quietest models around, with a Quiet Mark accreditation certifying this fact. It also has a nighttime mode with dimmed lights and reduced sound. I love that it is so much more attractive than other units; it looks like a piece of decor instead of a chunky brick.

DeeBot N79S Robotic Vacuum

Everyone knows that pet dander, mites, and mold are potential allergens, but floors have another big allergen: cockroaches. People with allergies can be exquisitely sensitive to cockroach saliva, skin and droppings, and floors collect a ton of it. Keep the floor clean using the DeeBot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Equipped with a high-efficiency filter that helps control cockroach debris, it also removes crumbs and and food debris that may attract cockroaches.

I chose this particular unit because this robotic vacuum significantly reduces the need for regular cleaning. Plus, the air filtration system captures particles and prevents allergenic particles from being projected into the air, it integrates into ECOVAS app, Alexa, and Google Home and allows for easy voice control, and it charges itself without intervention. This smart vacuum is less likely to take a tumble down the stairs because of an advanced laser sensor system with obstacle detection technology that also prevents harm to your furniture.

Hypoallergenic Wool Dryer Balls

To reduce allergens in the bedroom, it is important to wash bed linens in hot water each week. But so many of the dryer sheets we use contain allergens such as benzyl acetate, dichlorobenzene, or ethyl acetate that can be very irritating to airways, skin and eyes. Dryer balls are chemical free, reusable, and help combat static in clothing and linens. They also improve the efficiency of your dryer by absorbing moisture from clothing. This increases the humidity in the dryer, which reduces the risk of static cling. Additionally, dryer balls help collect pet hair from clothing, reducing allergenic dander.

Some wool dryer balls contain lanolin, an ingredient to which many people are sensitive, and some dryer balls contain cheap fillers. Be sure to purchase 100% wool hypoallergenic dryer balls. If you miss the fragrance of dryer sheets in your laundry, try adding several drops of essential oil to your dryer balls before each use.

Swiffer Sweeper Dry

Whereas we don’t want static cling in our clothing, when it comes to chemical-free ways to control dust, pet hair, and allergens, static cling is a fantastic friend. Without the use of chemicals, the Swiffer Sweeper Dry uses static electricity to trap and lock dirt, dust, hair, and allergens, such as cat and dog dander and dust mites. It can replace your broom, which may harbor allergens. Plus, the cloths double as dust cloths for surface cleaning. Bonus! All Swiffer Sweeper Dry products are produced using 100% renewable wind energy.

Disclaimer: be sure you only use the dry sweeper heads because the wet cloth and wet jets contain the potentially allergenic ingredients propylene glycol butyl ether, didecoldimonium chloride, and lauryl glucoside.

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