When I saw the new Zodiac Roller Bottle Collection from Whimsy and Wellness, I just had to come up with some fun recipes for the zodiac signs. This year especially, it seems we can use some grounding and focusing, and these blends are just the trick. You can mix up all of them and use them throughout the year for various emotional needs, or maybe just create the blend for your own sign. They also make great gifts for pretty much everyone on your list. Trust me, these cute roller bottles won’t last long, so better order your set today and then start making your own zodiac blends.

FYI, you can click on any of the hyperlinked essential oil names in this post to learn more about that specific essential oil!

Aquarius Zodiac Blend

Just Focus

Try this blend to help promote focus and balance.

Learn more about the season of Aquarius.

Pisces Zodiac Blend


The Pisces zodiac blend is the perfect thing to help you wind down and relax for some needed rejuvenation.

Learn more about the season of Pisces.

Aries Zodiac Blend


Sometimes you just need to chill. This blend will help slow down those racing thoughts to help you mentally and physically slow down.

Learn more about the season of Aries.

Taurus Zodiac Blend

Clear the Air

Try this blend to encourage mental clarity, relaxed purposefulness, and sensuality.

Learn more about the season of Taurus.

Gemini Zodiac Blend

Ride the Wave

This is a great blend to mix up and wear topically while chasing down your next adventure. Or try it in a diffuser or even a car diffuser.

Learn more about the season of Gemini.

Cancer Zodiac Blend


Use this blend to help encourage intuition and relaxation.

Learn more about the season of Cancer.

Leo Zodiac Blend

Roaring Lion

Apply this blend to wrists, neck, and behind the ears and knees to mobilize your dreams and bring your inspiration to reality! 

Learn more about the season of Leo.

Virgo Zodiac Blend

Time to Chill

Try this relaxing blend to calm and restore balance and harmony.

Learn more about the season of Virgo.

Libra Zodiac Blend

Harmonious Balance

Feeling out of balance? This blend will help bring you back to center and encourage mental and physical balance.

Learn more about the season of Libra.

Scorpio Zodiac Blend

Feet on the Ground

The Scorpio zodiac blend helps promote grounding and a sense of calm, especially if you struggle with control issues.

Learn more about the season of Scorpio.

Sagittarius Zodiac Blend

Free Your Spirit

Try this blend to help you harness your inner child and encourage more fun in your life. 

Learn more about the season of Sagittarius.

Capricorn Zodiac Blend

Let’s Get Moving!

Need to put the pedal to the metal? Roll on this zodiac blend to stimulate motivation, energy, drive, and a positive attitude!

Learn more about the season of Capricorn.

Get your Zodiac Roller Bottles here! If you create any of these zodiac blends or even your own modifications, comment below and let us know how you like them!

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